St. Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School

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21 Dec 2016

THE CHILDREN OF ST CUTHBERT MAYNE CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL in Cranleigh had a unique way to celebrate Grandparents’ Week. They planned a splendid coffee morning for their Grans and Granddads and used the opportunity to celebrate and salute the work of the Macmillan nurses; a charity which the school holds close to their hearts. 

Over £600 was raised from the sale of cupcakes, coffees and croissants, and each class entertained the grandparents with songs, poems and reflections on the love they receive from these special people in their lives. 

Mrs Natalie McCarthy, the new Interim Head welcomed the Grandparents by saying, ‘Our school mission statement is to recognise the value and worth of each individual and Grandparents Week gives all our children the opportunity to salute our Grans and granddads, who enrich their lives and strengthen their faith.’

Natalie McCarthy

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